Lara is an avid runner, former triathlete, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Culinary Nutrition Expert. Through the Culinary Nutrition program Lara has completed over 200 hours of intensive, hands-on learning involving recipe development, using food for healing, meal plan development, planning and hosting a cooking workshop and knowledge and experience in the local food movement.

Following her mother’s guidance on food from an early age, Lara focuses on whole, unprocessed, never packaged, from the earth, real food. Her passion lies in helping others understand how nutrient dense food can improve the quality of life and provide healing. Through grocery store tours, meal design, food prepping and cooking workshops, Lara shows her clients ways to eat to nourish and heal their bodies. Lara is especially interested in researching different ailments and designing meal plans to meet specific, personal needs. She can be found eating, running, cooking, researching or hanging out with Emma, her rescue dog.

Have questions or need food advice? Reach out to her at: lara@laragwynnutrition.com.


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