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Hi Sugar Detox Clan! How’s your week been going? I’ve checked in with a lot of you and it sounds like everyone has a plan mapped out, whether you’re seriously craving sugar or finding it’s not so tough to cut it. Some have decided to start a different week, which is great. That’s all part of planning and being successful. I’ve been so happy to hear that things are going well. It may be tough for some but stick with it!

I’ve been thinking about how to really make this whole lesson on sugar stick with us and I’ve found that when I know more about the why behind what I’m doing, it helps push me toward my goal. Let’s talk about why we’re detoxing and how sugar affects you. Specifically, your brain.

Here’s a video I thought was interesting. I have mixed feelings on the bit at the end about it being ok to have sweets in moderation. From a nutritional standpoint, I don’t agree since your body gains nothing from it. But I do agree from an emotional standpoint. Sometimes giving in to what we really want stresses our body less than denying it and there’s benefit you get from that as well. So if you decide to snack on something sugary, drop the guilt. Eat it, enjoy it and then get back on track.



Did you hear the piece about brain chemicals increasing with the presence of sugar? Wanna know how to increase them without ingesting sugar? Read on, sugar detoxing people! This is good stuff!

sugar brain*If you want more Beta-endorphins (the brain’s painkiller), swap sugar with low glycemic sweeteners and food like honey or blueberries. Just having a sweet taste on your tongue increases beta-endorphins. Pay attention the next time you eat something that’s low glycemic and see how you feel.

*If you want more dopamine (produces feelings of pleasure, alertness, concentration, euphoria and motivation), eat almonds, lima beans, avocado, bananas, pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds.

*Need more serotonin (the ‘feel good’ chemical)? Eat turkey, shrimp, tamari, mushrooms, fish, mustard greens, spinach, chicken, liver, lamb or pumpkin seeds.

Aren’t you glad you’re on a sugar smack down and don’t have to worry about poisoning your body anymore? Keep it up!


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2 thoughts on “This is your brain on sugar…

  1. Yes! It’s very helpful to understand more about why it’s important to eliminate sugar. This week has pushed me to eat more veggies and protein. I have also been even more watchful of ingredient lists. I have always read labels on anything in a package, but my focus has been on gluten due to celiac disease in my family. We actually eat very little processed food anyway, although each and every label must be carefully inspected. I have been surprised to find sugar in some items I thought did not contain it. I wanted to make homemade humus since I also recently discovered most store bought humus contains sugar. I decided I would treat myself to some whole grain chips along with my veggies for dipping into the humus, but I did a check of the ingredient list before adding the bag of chips to my grocery cart…… Yep! “Evaporated cane juice” SUGAR! I wheeled back to the produce for some sugar snap peas, carrots, and jicama. I still satisfied the crunch and was glad I didn’t eat the chips. I also learned, thanks to Lara educating me, that all of the yogurt I eat might not be so good. Lactose is sugar. Although I only eat plain Greek yogurt, it does have lactose. I have stopped eating yogurt this week and have noticed some changes. I don’t know if I’ll fully eliminate it long term, but I’m certainly going to be mindful of the amount I eat and my symptoms. I may eat it only as a treat when I’m craving something sweet and add some fruit, nuts, and cinnamon.
    Thanks, Lara! This is all so helpful. I look forward to some more challenges and ways to improve my nutrition and health!

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