Fail to meet a goal? Why aren’t you celebrating?

Happy Sugar Detox Ending!

If you’ve been following along you haven’t eaten sugar for 7 days now. Congrats for finishing! How do you feel? Notice a big difference? Did you learn something you weren’t expecting to? Watch it when you take your first bite of sugar. It may be waaaay sweeter than you think.

It’s always beneficial for me to cut something out of my diet even if I don’t eat it regularly. It helps me to examine what I’m eating and make very conscious decisions about the foods I choose. Find your lesson. There is one there. I learned that I need to be more cognizant of the tbe proudhings I grab as my go-to’s when I’m in a hurry. I read labels but at times I get lazy and just start trusting a certain brand to not add ingredients I don’t want to eat. I think it’s good to read up on certain brands so you have your go-to’s, but continue to read labels since you never know when they might reformulate or start using the latest supplement (sugar or otherwise) because someone said it was safe.

So now, I challenge you to take what you’ve learned and remember it daily when you make food choices. Working on our diets is a progression. I don’t know of anyone to wake¬†up one morning and start eating exactly how they should. No, we make small changes, learn lessons, stumble, back-pedal, stall, make progress, fall off our plan, move forward, over and over again. But if we’re patient with ourselves and really want to reach a goal, we notice our progress and we celebrate it. Even if it’s small. Even if it’s not finishing the bowl of ice cream for the first time by leaving the very last small bite. Jump up and down and dance about it. Because those small changes snowball to become huge, life changers.

How do you want your life to change when it comes to nutrition? Think about what you got out of this detox and comment below to share.

I’m so happy to be on this life-changing journey with you!


p.s. There are more detoxing/challenges to come. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Fail to meet a goal? Why aren’t you celebrating?

  1. I have learned that sugar is in more ingredient lists than I ever realized. I have also learned that truly eliminating an ingredient like sugar takes determination, will power, and planning ahead. This week I have felt better each day. Along the way it felt good to know I was doing something meaningful and healthy. I think I will allow myself a little treat here and there, but since any amount of sugar now tastes almost too sweet to eat I don’t think I’ll crave it too much. Instead, I’ll control the sweetness with just a drizzle of honey on my yogurt or oatmeal and that will be satisfying.
    I didn’t even think I was eating much sugar before this week, but I learned a little something! Added sugar in dried fruit and chips was an eye opener. Yogurt is lactose and lactose is sugar. I love yogurt, but I decided (with Lara’s helpful suggestion) to stop eating yogurt for the same 7 days as the sugar detox. I could not think of any other sugar I had been consuming on a regular basis other than my dark chocolate so the yogurt break seemed needed.
    I have lost 4 pounds and have more energy. I have also been motivated this week to move ahead with a more structured work out program. I’m liking the results! I needed this little challenge for motivation.
    Thanks, Lara! I appreciate the support and suggestions and look forward to more challenges and helpful information.
    Best wishes to all for a healthy summer!

  2. What ultimately broke the diet for me was Ketchup. It was something I didn’t think twice about eating, because I was so focused on making sure that my main meal was sugar free. Then it was only matter of time before I completely gave in to sugar, and drank a generous pour of whiskey. Yup… much harder to do the 7 days than I had originally thought.

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