corn chowder

It’s corn season! I grabbed two ears from the market a couple of weekends ago and almost forgot I had them until tonight. They’re GMO free, organic, local and way too sweet to go to waste. I was craving soup. Saw the corn. Then I was craving corn. And an idea is born! No idea what I was doing. I’ve never made corn soup before. But I know roasting makes everything better so that’s where I started. The corn roasted for 30 min and then I sautéed onion and garlic, added spices, the corn, salt and pepper then let it all simmer with water (I didn’t have any chicken stock). I wanted it thick so I let it simmer for 15 min. Then I blended this amazing sweet goodness until it was at a consistency I liked. I stumble my way around the kitchen and think about how different flavors would work together and then start trying stuff. I learned tonight that you can’t go wrong with fresh, local corn. I would’ve sworn there was sugar in the soup if someone else had made it and fed it to me. Need a sugar fix? Here’s your answer:

And I know I keep saying soup while I labeled the recipe chowder. It ended up more like a chowder because it was thick and there were chunks of onion and corn in it. I kept typing soup and didn’t want to go back and change soup to chowder. I’m feeling a bit lazy. It feels like this recipe. Toss some stuff in the oven and in a pan and let it lay there and cook.

Servings: 2

Total time: 50 min

Don’t freak out because of the total time above. This is one of those recipes where you do a little and then have downtime while things cook. I made this one night after work so it’s super easy. Grab a book and relax while it roasts and simmers. Oh, and I know there’s a rosemary sprig in my pic above but there’s no rosemary in the soup… err… chowder. The rosemary was pretty so it was added for aesthetics.

  • 2 ears of corn (look for organic since that also means GMO free. your local farmer’s market is the absolute best place for corn. and you really will be able to taste a difference.)
  • 1 T olive oil
  • Half onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • 2 c water
  • 1/4+1/8 t smoked paprika
  • 1/8 t chili powder

1. Turn on oven to 350. Roast corn for 30 min in the husks by setting them directly on the oven rack.
2. In a sauté pan, add onion and garlic to 1 T olive oil and stir until browned
3. When corn is ready, shuck it and cut it from the cob
4. Add water, salt, pepper, spices and corn to the pan
5. Let it simmer for 10-15 min, stirring occasionally
6. Once it’s thickened to your desired consistency, pour into your blender container and blend. I use an immersion blender (stick blender) so if the pan isn’t deep enough to blend right there, I pour it into a taller container so it doesn’t splatter everywhere when I blend.
7. Serve it up!

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    1. Tana
      June 26, 2014

      Sounds delicious! I used some corn from a local farmer’s market in my homemade chicken tortilla soup last week and it was so tasty. The corn this fresh and organic really does taste much better than conventional. I love to cut it off the cob and sauté it with olive oil, garlic, cherry tomoatoes, and sprinkle with balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper. I can’t wait to try the chowder recipe! Thanks!


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