Sweet, Sweet Poison

sweet poison

I’m challenging you to cut out sugar for the next 7 days starting Monday, June 9th. Here’s all you need to get started:

1. Grab the guide

It’s cheap at $10 but only available at this price until the end of the week (June 6th)

2. Sign up for my emails

I’ll keep you motivated along the way.

Do it to see how your body reacts. Do it to see how you feel. Or do it just because it’s a challenge. It’s only 7 days out of your entire life. And you could find massive benefit from it.

Need some extra oomph? Check out these 3 reasons to back off the stuff.

1. It spikes your blood sugar levels which causes a bunch of insulin to be dumped into your bloodstream so our bodies can process the sugar overload. Usually too much insulin is secreted which causes our blood sugar levels to drop too low. And then we eat more sugar. So we can get high again. Reminds me of this old commercial:


That leads me to number 2…

2. Studies show sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Maybe that’s not enough to convince you to stop eating it but think of how powerful of a substance it must be to compare to cocaine. And when you think about how much we’re eating of the stuff a day (23 teaspoons), it’s unsettling. 23 teaspoons. Would you shovel 23 teaspoons of a highly addictive substance into your mouth in one day? Barf.

dr robert lustig sugar quote

3. Processed sugar has absolutely no nutritional benefit. Through processing all nutrition has been removed from the substance. So why not pick something to eat that provides nutrition and is sweet? Like fruit. And if you’re thinking fruit won’t satisfy you like sugar, well, get ready to change your perspective. When you cut out sugar and later reintroduce it, you’ll find things you didn’t think were that sweet are shockingly so.

Let’s get started! We kick this thing off Monday, June, 9th. Get your guide, sign up for the emails and we’ll get rolling!

Tell me in the comments below, what’s the toughest sugar-laden food for you to cut from your diet? And how can you avoid it for 7 days?


14 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Poison

  1. Dark chocolate! I nibble a small piece of it every evening after dinner. I also love dark chocolate covered almonds and treat myself to a handful of them every once in a while. They probably contain more sugar than I realize.

  2. Oh Lara…. starting with my life long addiction to sugar, the hardest things are sugar in my coffee and wine … Agh I know I won’t make it!

  3. Ice Cream dammit! I love it so much and then I pay the price with bloating and weight gain and extra belly fat 🙁

  4. I’M IN! Got the guide and ready. I’ve been kicking sugar for a while now but not 100%, probably more like 90. There is the occasional run of the kitchen looking for a sweet treat in every pantry. . .

  5. Lara, I signed up and think I am ready. I love sugar in my morning cup of joe, and I drink sweet tea and diet dr. Pepper. Lord help me!

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