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There are so many things I find. I can’t keep up with all the goodness. I’m compiling a list for myself so they don’t get lost!

Good advice: – just check out their manifesto to start with…

holstee manifesto – Oh, Brene! The things I’m learning from you about shame and how it affects my life. It’s powerful, life-changing stuff. If you love working on yourself and figuring out the whys, go check out her books.

brene vulnerability

Food: – I LOVE Shaye, the author of this website. She and her family are homesteaders and she walks you through her days and shares awesome, whole food recipes. I just ordered her newest cookbook Family Table and I’m so excited to get it in the mail and start making recipes. She has some awesome ones on her site I’ve already tried like 15 Minute Honey Cashew Chicken and Italian Meatball Soup


Betabrand! – The clothes are well made but the best part (beyond their brilliant marketing) is that all the designs are crowdfunded. You go vote on the next design you want to see and whichever gets the most votes gets made. How cool and community serving is that? I’ve purchased a bunch from them but here are my favs in order from top and then left to right. Disco Shorts, Dress Pant Yoga Pants, Work It Dress, Raccoon Dress:


black_dress_pant_yoga_pants raccoon_dress work_it_dress

M.Gemi – Italian made shoes that are affordable because they’re sold online only. That’s really the only thing I needed to hear in order to check out this site. Then I found out they handcraft their shoes (like hand stitch and paint) and they release a new line each week. And they email you about it. Italian.Affordable.Accessible.Beautiful. I don’t own any but a pair will find their way to my closet very, very soon. I’m ready for new boots and my eyes are set on these:

the patria

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