What the Wheat? The Wheat Belly Book Club


It’s almost time! Time to dive into our quest to educate ourselves on wheat. Is it bad? Should it be completely eliminated from our diet? Why?

I’m hearing an awful lot these days that wheat should be completely eliminated from our diet. I believe this book is of that mindset.

I don’t know about you but when I hear something is absolute: ‘always eat kale’, ‘cut all processed sugar from your diet’, ‘never eat yellow snow’, I wanna know why. Maybe not for the snow one but absolutes generally intrigue me.


I believe we should research and educate ourselves to figure out the ‘whys’ before jumping on the bandwagon. And lucky you, you’re in the right spot for delving a little deeper into this whole wheat mystery. Here’s the schedule I propose:

Read Wheat Belly:

Monday, July 14th through Saturday, July 26th

**for those not wanting to read the book, no worries, you can follow my blog posts and pick up all the details that way**

10-day Wheat Detox:

Monday, July 28th through Wednesday, August 6th.

I’m thinking 18 pages a day is very doable. I’ve already started reading and it’s not tough to get through. That puts us at about 13 days to finish the book. So you’ll have an idea of my blogging, here’s the schedule I’ll stick with. I’ve tried to keep it uniform so you can watch for the emails on Wed and Sat except for the kick-off that lands on a Monday. I’ll blog about that the night before so we’re all hyped up and ready to roll.

Sunday, 7/13 – kick off message

Wednesday, 7/16 – ch 1-3

Saturday, 7/19 – ch 4-6

Wednesday, 7/23 – ch 7-9

Saturday, 7/26 – ch 10-13

If it feels a bit overwhelming, start reading as soon as you get the book. I tacked on an extra week here so everyone would feel like they have ample time. That and my birthday is this weekend so I wanted time for birthday things :). Truth be told that will most likely entail reading the book since I’m already enjoying it so much.

Do you need to purchase the book? I’ve checked with both Half Price Books stores by me in Houston (stopped by one tonight again) and it appears they’re all out of copies. My sister-in-law found a really good deal (better than HBB) on amazon. That may be your best bet.

Don’t forget to take notes as you read and comment on my posts so we can turn this into a true book club. I envision all of us learning from one another through posting about the different points that stick out to us while we read. Let’s absorb the info and comment with our thoughts and make this a collaborative space.

I can’t wait to get started!

In the meantime, don’t forget…

yellow snow

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