Wheat Belly Book Club Kick-off

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Are you ready? Are you intrigued by the idea of learning something new? I am! Let’s start reading Wheat Belly and discuss it along the way. Post your comments/thoughts/learnings/disagreements under each post so we can all discuss and learn from one another.

When we’re finished reading we can implement what we’ve learned in a wheat detox to see if we come to the same conclusions the author presented in the book.  I’ve learned that when I take the mindset off of weight loss and onto how it affects my body and test the theories for myself, a lot of times I end up losing weight in the process. If you’re struggling with losing weight, take a different approach. Don’t focus on losing the weight, focus on something else that will cause you to lose weight. When I think this way, it takes the pressure off my initial goal, my stress levels go down and I end up hitting my goal in the end. Be creative. You can use this mindset with just about any goal you have.

Keep that mindset as we read through Wheat Belly and start mapping out your plan now for cutting wheat out of your diet. Take inventory of your kitchen cabinets (just peek inside them and make a mental note), when you grocery shop think about the things you buy that have wheat and what alternatives you could replace them with. Reach out to me if you need ideas. Start googling to find good sources for wheat free food ideas. There are tons of ideas out there, including those at the back of the book.

I’m posting the reading schedule again so you won’t have to look back at another post. I’m excited to get started!

Sunday, 7/13 – kick off message

Wednesday, 7/16 – ch 1-3

Saturday, 7/19 – ch 4-6

Wednesday, 7/23 – ch 7-9

Saturday, 7/26 – ch 10-13

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s message…



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